Filenow strives towards customer satisfaction with the Site and Services we provide. If you purchase any Service and are not satisfied with any purchase, please contact Filenow Customer Service as soon as possible and we will work with you to rectify your experience with us.

If you want to exchange the Services you purchased for another one, then you must contact Filenow Customer Service within 30 days of the purchase. Any price difference between the Services you are returning and the Services you are seeking to get in exchange must be paid by you.

Any payments made by you to third parties, not governed by this Agreement, are not subject to the Filenow’ Satisfaction Policy.

  • For Business Formation Services

    If we complete the application and the results, according to us, are successful, then no exchange will be allowed. If an application is unsuccessful, we will do everything we can to process the application, but in the event a refund is requested, we will issue a refund of all amounts paid LESS ANY PAYMENTS MADE TO GOVERNMENT REGULATORS which we cannot retrieve.

  • For EIN Filings

    If we complete the application and an EIN is successfully assigned (service is provided), NO REFUND CAN BE ISSUED.

    For incomplete orders due to inaccurate information, the customer will be contacted via email by us to rectify the issue, and we will try one additional time to obtain your EIN. If at that point there is another error, the customer will be refunded on the next business day.

    For EIN applications resulting in a Reference 101 error from the IRS, we may contact you via e-mail with instructions on how we will proceed with manually filing your application with the IRS. You will receive an e-mail with a completed SS-4 form PDF on the same day that the Ref 101 error occurred, and the PDF will require your electronic signature. We will process your EIN with the IRS, and you will receive the EIN via e-mail in 7-10 business days due to the manual processing wait time for all Reference 101 errors. In the event that there is an additional error within the Ref 101 application and we cannot process your EIN application, we will issue a refund of the service fee.

Furthermore, for any other Service where payments to government regulators are made, any payment made to the government regulator is not refundable and in the case of exchanges this amount will be deducted from the credit value of the Services being returned. Please note, that Filenow does not guarantee any results using of the Site or the Services in connection with the government regulators. GOVERNMENT REGULATORS MAY REJECT OR DELAY APPLICATIONS FOR A NUMBER OF REASONS BEYOND THE CONTROL OF FILENOW.