About Filenow

Starting a New Business Has Never Been Easier

We are a team of entrepreneurs, lawyers, business professionals, and tax experts with years of experience in creating new companies. We have created a seamless process to get your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal is to simplify the company formation process and make it a seamless experience for our customers.

Why Choose Filenow?

At Filenow, we help you navigate the process of starting a company with confidence, because we’ve done it before.


Expert Guidance

Less Paperwork Less Paperwork

We handle the incorporation, you run the business.

Unlimited Phone and Email Support Unlimited Phone and Email Support

Live, personalized help. Available 24/7.

Expert Chat Support Expert Chat Support

Need help during the process? We can assist through a chat.

Fastest Processing

Expedited Filing Options Expedited Filing Options

Become a business owner TODAY!

24-hour Order Processing 24-hour Order Processing

The fastest processing time; no additional cost to you.

Express Shipping and Electronic Delivery Express Shipping and Electronic Delivery

A quick, convenient, and secure way to receive your documents.

Risk-free Service

Error-free Guarantee Error-free Guarantee

Expert-reviewed. Error-free filing, or your money back.

No Hidden Fees No Hidden Fees

Clear, upfront pricing.

Fraction of the Cost Fraction of the Cost

Outstanding service; competitive pricing.

What We Do

We’ve created a very intuitive and simple process that only requires you to answer a few online questions taking up less than 10 minutes. Once you’ve completed the first step, we’ll create the forms and file them for you!

We’ll ensure that everything is completed accurately, so there are no delays in getting your company registered.

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