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Filenow’s team of experts can guide you through the process of registering your entity, whether an LLC or a Corporation, faster and at a fraction of the cost of other services.

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Manage Your Business in New York State

Filenow’s team of experts can help you obtain all certificates necessary to operate your company legally in New York State, including Registered Agent & Foreign Qualification services.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

New York LLC

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business structure which combines many benefits of a sole proprietorship or partnership with the limited liability of a corporation.

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New York Corporation

Corporation is an entity for companies with complex operations, numerous shareholders, or businesses planning to sell stock on the public stock exchanges.

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S Corporation

New York S Corporation

S corporation is an entity that provides owners with limited liability while also allowing the shareholders to pass company income through their personal tax returns.

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Help Me Choose

Help Me Choose

Are you looking to incorporate but are still unsure of which entity is right for your business? Our Incorporation Wizard will help you select the right entity.

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Registered Agent Service

A registered agent, sometimes known as a resident agent or a statutory agent, is the address that your business uses to receive official mail, including legal or tax notifications. It must be a physical address; you cannot use a post office box.

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Application for Authority

If your company was not formed in NY, it is considered a foreign entity. Application for Authority is the document you fill out to get permission to operate your foreign llc or coproration in New York State.

$149 + $225 State Fee

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Certificate of Good Standing

This document shows that company has met New York’s statutory reporting requirements and is permitted to do business.

$49 + $25 State Fee

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Doing Business As

DBA allows company owners to use a fictitious or trade name instead of the company name listed on state documents.

$75 + $25 State Fee

Apply for DBA

Reservation of Name

Business owners who have not yet registered company in NY can complete this application to reserve desired entity name.

$49 + $20 State Fee

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Filing Times and State Fees in New York

This table includes New York State fees and approximate filing times* for most common company forms and applications.

ServiceFiling TimesState Fee
Form LLC2-5 Days$200
Form Corporation2-5 Days$125
Form S Corporation2-5 Days$125
Application for Authority2-5 Days$225
Certificate of Good Standing2-5 Days$25
Certificate of Assumed Name (DBA)2-5 Days$25+
Reservation of Name2-5 Days$20

*Filing times may be different from listed average times.

Business Name Restrictions in New York

The following is list of terms restricted or explicitly prohibited from use by business entities in New York State:

  • exchange
  • acceptance
  • bank
  • finance
  • investment
  • loan
  • mortgage
  • savings
  • trust
  • guaranty
  • academy
  • conservatory
  • education
  • elementary
  • historical
  • historical society
  • history
  • institute
  • kindergarten
  • library
  • prekindergarten
  • preschool
  • school
  • secondary
  • nursery school
  • museum
  • arboretum
  • college
  • university
  • union
  • council
  • labor
  • annuity
  • assurance
  • benefit
  • bond
  • casualty
  • endowment
  • fidelity
  • indemnity
  • insurance
  • surety
  • title
  • underwriter
  • blind
  • handicapped.

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