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Company Info FAQs Answers to common questions.

Does the company name always need to end with “LLC” or "Inc."?

In short, yes. The designator signifies the type of entity the company was organized or incorporated as. It should always be attached to the end of your company name on any official documents. However, for the purposes of this form do not manually add a designator to the company name field above. Instead, use the “designator” dropdown field to select one that’s appropriate for the type of entity you are forming. For example: “Inc” can not be used for a limited liability company.

What if my desired company name is not available?

We run company name availability search in your state prior to filing documents with the DOS. If your desired name is not available, a Filenow representative will reach out to you over the phone and email for an alternate name.

Can the company address be out of state or a P.O. Box?

In short, yes. However, if your principal place of business is out of state or you use a P.O. Box as your company address you will need the services of a Registered Agent located in-state where you are forming your company. Registered agent will be designated on the next step of this form.

What if my "Business Activity" is not covered by any of the available options?

If none of the dropdown options best describe the purpose or business activity of your new company, select the "other" option for this dropdown field.

Registered Agent FAQs Answers to common questions.

How much does the registered agent service cost?

New Premium Plan customers can enjoy first year of registered agent service absolutely free. After that , annual fee for continued use of the service is $119 per year.

How do I know when my registered agent service should be renewed?

Registered agent service renews automatically every year from the date your order is placed. Your payment methods used to renew this subscription can be managed from “My Account” dashboard. If registered agent service fails to renew automatically, a customer service representative will get in touch with you.

Can I cancel registered agent service?

If you decide to cancel registered agent service, it is your responsibility to appoint a new registered agent. This is done by filing “change of registered agent” forms with the state where your company was formed and paying all associated fees. Failure to appoint new agent can result in loss of company’s good standing with the state. Our customer support department is here to help, contact us as soon as you decide to cancel the service.

Can the registered agent address be my personal or company address?

In short, yes, as long as your personal or company address is a physical location in the state where your company is being formed. Virtual offices and P.O. box cannot be used for registered agent address. Additionally, you must be available at that address during regular business hours to receive state, tax and service of process documents.

Business Contract Templates

  • Banking Resolution
  • Breach of Contract Cease and Desist
  • Buy-Sell Agreement, Corporate Bylaws
  • Employee Termination Letter
  • Employment Agreement
  • General Partnership Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Operating Agreement
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Purchase Order
  • Services Agreement
  • Shareholder Agreement

Sample Locations

Here's a few examples of what
your address may look like:

Birmingham, AL
505 20th St. N, Suite 1215,
Birmingham, AL 35203

Mobile, AL
9 Dauphin St., Suite 100-A,
Mobile, AL 36602

You will get to choose your exact address after you have finished creating your company.