It’s Easy to Register Your Company in the USA

This step-by-step guide provides foreigners, non-citizens, and Americans living abroad with basic information about how to start a business in the U.S.A.

Just $49 + State Fee

Start Company in the USA

Why You Should Register Your Business in the USA

Opening up a business in the U.S. can create a huge opportunity for any international business. Opening a business in the U.S. is relatively simple process and can help take your business to the next level.

  • Lend credibility to your business
  • Gain access to the U.S. market
  • Access a wealth of start up funds

Let Us Help Decide Which State to Register Your Company In

U.S. companies must be registered in a state or territory, as opposed to with the federal government. Each state is allowed to develop its own laws, registration fees, renewal rules, and processing times. While in theory you have 50 states to choose from, historically some states have developed rules that make them more friendly to the establishment of a company outside the U.S.


Very friendly to corporations, but with slightly higher franchise tax. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


Except for slightly higher fees than Wyoming, Nevada is a great option. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


Wyoming may be the best choice for new companies because it has inexpensive fees and maintenance costs;

Limited Liability Company (LLC)


Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business structure which combines many benefits of a sole proprietorship or partnership with the limited liability of a corporation.

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Corporation is an entity for companies with complex operations, numerous shareholders, or businesses planning to sell stock on the public stock exchanges.

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S Corporation

S Corporation

S corporation is an entity that provides owners with limited liability while also allowing the shareholders to pass company income through their personal tax returns.

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Help Me Choose

Help Me Choose

Are you looking to incorporate but are still unsure of which entity is right for your business? Our Incorporation Wizard will help you select the right entity.

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Filing Times and State Fees in the USA

This table includes approximate state fees and filing times* for most common company forms and applications.

Service Filing Times State Fee
Form LLC 10-30 Days $90
Form Corporation 10-30 Days $125
Form S Corporation 10-30 Days $125
Application for Authority 10-30 Days $90-125
Certificate of Good Standing 10-30 Days $25
Certificate of Assumed Name (DBA) 10-30 Days $55+
Reservation of Name 10-30 Days $10

*Filing times may be different from listed average times.

Here’s EXACTLY what you need before registering.

We’ve created a detailed guide just for you, check the outline below and feel free to read more by clicking the link below.

Here’s What You Need to register in the USA…

  • Decide on a Company Name
  • Identify the Company’s Principal Players
  • Designate a Registered Agent
  • Get a Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Certify Your Company by Apostille or with a Certificate of Authentication
  • Obtain a U.S. Phone Number for Your Business
  • Open U.S. Bank Account
  • Build a Website
  • Open a Merchant Account (to Allow Credit and Debit Payments)

Read the DETAILED guide here.

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